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ResoSummit 2013 Workshops

The 2013 workshops are listed in the PDF document below, along with a detailed description of each workshop. Click on the red text below to open the PDF. You may want to print a copy to help you in making your workshop selections.

2013 Workshops in print-friendly PDF format

Please note the following changes in designated levels for three Michael Witcher workshops:

Phrasing and Dynamics: The class listed as HI only has been changed to HI/A.

Ear Training: Listed as an HI class, this has been changed to an A-level class.

Singing Dobro: Listed as HI, this class is now open to HI/A.

Use the Workshop Schedule below to help make your choices.
Note that only workshops are listed on this schedule. You will receive a full ResoSummit schedule later, with workshops plus many other activities - late afternoon "optional activities" that do not require sign-ups, Station Inn performances, meals, after-hours jams, etc.

Workshop schedule in print-friendly PDF format
Note: this schedule is in the same format as the online survey, for your use in taking notes and keeping a record of your survey choices. We recommend that you print it to help guide you through your workshop selections. However, please note that you do not submit your workshop selections through this PDF. Rather, you take the online survey, using the link in the eblast you were sent on 10/25.

Randy Kohrs' handout: Note/Frequency Chart

Click on the link above to view/download Randy Kohrs' workshop handout, a note/frequency chart (jpeg format)




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