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ResoSummit is produced by Rob Ickes & Betty Wheeler for ResoRevolution.



ResoSummit 2011 Photo Gallery

Credit for all photos: Lee Hiers

ResoSummit 2011 Grouip Photo

ResoSummit 2011 featured a great mix of ResoSummit veterans and new attendees, including some up-and-coming young players, and participants from all across North America as well as Australia, England, France, Ireland, Israel, and the Netherlands.

(To download a high-res version of the group photo formatted for 8x10 printing, click on the photo or here and save the photo that opens in a new window to your computer. File size: 2.37MB)

Jimmy Heffernan & Fred Travers

A fine opening session duo performance by Jimmy Heffernan, teaching his fourth ResoSummit, and Fred Travers, bringing stellar tone and the "Scene sound" to his first Summit.

Sally Van Meter

Orville Johnson
Sally Van Meter returned for her 4th Summit; Orville Johnson for his 3rd.


Todd Livingston

Todd Livingston debuted as ResoSummit faculty in 2011.

A Contemporary Approach to Slants


A word to the wise: Rob's Contemporary Approach to Slants workshop covered many techniques that should be tested in the privacy of your home before trying them out in public.


Jimmy Heffernan - Minor Keys

"Professor Jimmy" teaches Playing in Minor Keys.

Paul Beard

"Spiders and Cones, Dissected" by Paul Beard of Beard Guitars.
ResoSummit is extremely fortunate to have two extraordinary luthiers in residence each year. The instrument would not be the same without the substantial contributions of Tim Scheerhorn and Paul Beard.

Abbie Gardner

Abbie Gardner (Red Molly; AbbieGardner.com) provided vocal support for "backing up vocals" workshops by Michael Witcher and Todd Livingston, plus a "Working with the Singer-Songwriter" workshop by Sally Van Meter.

Betty introduces the Claire Lynch Band with Mike Witcher

Betty introduces some of her favorite musicians (shown: Mike Witcher, Claire Lynch, Mark Schatz; not shown: Jason Thomas, Matthew Wingate). ResoSummit enjoyed pairing Mike with the Claire Lynch Band for this stellar performance.

Claire Lynch

Jason Thomas, Mike Witcher, Claire Lynch

L-R: Jason Thomas, Mike Witcher, Claire Lynch

Greg Booth

A close eye on your technique can be invaluable...

Greg Booth

...along with the opportunity to see something demonstrated close-up.


Randy Kohrs

Randy Kohrs demonstrates a key dobro technique.


Orville Johnson

Orville Johnson & Jim Hurst

Jimmy Heffernan

Jimmy Heffernan & Jim Hurst

Todd Livingston (Abbie Gardner, harmony vocals)

Greg Booth

Mike Witcher

Mike Witcher

ResoSummit 2011
ResoSummit 2011 t-shirt, on black organic cotton, designed by Betty with assistance from Laurel Worden. Thanks, Merch Lackey!


Rob Opens ResoSummit 2011Rob with Bea Brackin, winner of the Houston Caldwell Scholarship

Left: Rob opens ResoSummit on Friday, in Scarritt-Bennett's Harambee Auditorium. At right: Rob congratulates Bea Brackin on Sunday for completing her first ResoSummit. Bea was the winner of the first Houston Caldwell Scholarship, which provides free registration to a young dobro player age 18 or under. This year, thanks to Jon Grier, housing and meals were provided as well. Bea was so enamored of the dobro that she sold a flute on eBay to buy one!

Rob presents Dave Giergerich Award to Betty

Rob played an elaborate trick on Betty, enlisting her support for an annual Dave Giegerich Memorial Faculty Award, to be presented to a ResoSummit faculty member who goes "above and beyond" for Summit participants in the manner exemplified by Dave during the two years he served as faculty; and then making a surprise announcement, during the opening session, that he had already picked the first winner.

Greg BoothRandy Kohrs

Greg Booth taught 2 classes in 2010 and returned to teach 2 days this year. Randy Kohrs is a veteran of all five ResoSummits.

Michael Witcher
Michael Witcher shares the distinction with Rob Ickes, Randy Kohrs, Paul Beard and Tim Scheerhorn of having taught every ResoSummit to date.

Fred Travers

When Fred Travers speaks . . .

Fred Travers' class

. . . people listen!

Tim Scheerhorn

Tim Scheerhorn

The fine points of setup and maintenance, from renowned luthier Tim Scheerhorn.

Sally Van Meter's class

Sally Van Meter (right) in her Laskey classroom.

Randy Kohrs Band at the Station Inn

Randy Kohrs Band at the ResoSummit Station Inn performance on Friday night (left: Ashley Brown Kohrs on fiddle; center: Josh Williams on guitar).

Center: Josh Shilling (Mountain Heart) on keyboards.


Master the fretboard!

Orville Johnson

Orville Johnson's class

Orville Johnson's teaching methods always get great marks on our evaluation surveys. So we rewarded him this year with an extra beautiful room with wood paneling and tall ceilings.

Fondren lobby

An unusually calm moment at ResoCentral in the Fondren lobby.


Some closing performance photos (with Jim Hurst, guitar):

Sally Van Meter

Sally Van Meter - closing performance

Rob Ickes & Jim Hurst

Rob Ickes & Jim Hurst


By Sunday late afternoon, most participants were pretty wiped out. That's when we knew we had achieved Total Dobro Overload, and we could call ResoSummit 2011 a success. Thanks for your part in making the fifth ResoSummit a stellar happening!



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