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ResoSummit 2010
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ResoSummit is produced by Rob Ickes & Betty Wheeler for ResoRevolution


Photos — ResoSummit 2010

ResoSummit 2010 Opening SessionAndy HallRandy Kohrs
Rob Ickes welcomes participants from nine countries to ResoSummit 2010. Andy Hall (center) and
Randy Kohrs (right) at the opening session, with Orville Johnson in the background.
Josh SwiftSally Van Meter-Michael WitcherCindy CashdollarRob Ickes
Josh Swift makes his first ResoSummit appearance, while Sally Van Meter, Michael Witcher,
Cindy Cashdollar and Rob Ickes are old hands.
Mike AuldridgeJimmy HeffernanGreg BoothTim Scheerhorn
At ResoSummit, we believe EVERYTHING can be decoded:
Mike Auldridge decodes himself; Jimmy Heffernan decodes minor keys, Josh Graves and Mike Auldridge;
Greg Booth decodes EBDGBD tuning; and Tim Scheerhorn decodes the Scheerhorn sound.
Jerry DouglasJerry Douglas-Michael Witcher

Jerry Douglas makes a surprise appearance as Exhibit A in Michael Witcher's "Decoding Jerry Douglas" workshop.

Paul BeardKim GardnerJosh Swift in class
Paul Beard generously shares his secrets; Kim Gardner teaches the bluegrass way;
Josh Swift applies an eagle eye to each class member's right hand.
Justin MosesMinnesotaNeal and Jen at the merch table
Left: Justin Moses flew out for a Prairie Home Companion appearance in Minnesota between this
Station Inn performance and his workshop.
Center: Minnesota was well represented at ResoSummit by these two musicians.
Right: Neal lends Jen a hand at the merch table. Team Ickes rules!
Blues classLap Steel Demo
Orville gets the blues, while Michael and Cindy test the local noise ordinance in a lap steel demo.
Mike Auldridge - Station InnMike AuldridgeRob and Betty at The Station Inn
Near the end of this performance, Mike Auldridge announced his retirement from Darren Beachley & Legends of the Potomac.
No one present will ever forget Mike's magical performance - certainly not ResoSummit co-producers Rob and Betty!
Rob's classTim & Randy
A typical day at ResoSummit might include a workshop with Rob, a consultation with Tim, or a chance to see Randy in action.
Andy Hall in classAndy's class Sally in class
Andy Hall demonstrates a scary-looking reverse slant; his class tries it out. Pick block a la Sally for super clean sound!
Rob Ickes at the Station InnJim Hurst at The Station InnA special presentation to Rob Ickes by Buck Benson and Frank Watt
Rob Ickes and Jim Hurst deliver a blazing performance at the Station Inn;
ResoSummit regulars Buck Benson and Frank Watt make a very moving presentation to Rob.
Mike Auldridge and Jimmy Heffernan stroll across the Scarritt-Bennett campus

Mike Auldridge and Jimmy Heffernan stroll across the Scarritt-Bennett campus on a beautiful ResoSummit day.
(Photo credit: Brad Bechtel)

Photo credit for all other photos: Lee Hiers. Click the red arrow to see Lee's full ResoSummit 2010 slideshow. click here for Lee's full slideshow



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